The Mummy (2017): “Welcome to a new world of Gods and Monsters”

Directed by Alex Kurtzman UK Release Date: 9th June 2017 Feature Running Time: 110 minutes When it was confirmed by Universal that they had plans to reboot several of their classic monster movies of the 1930s, with The Mummy being the first one to kick things off; my first initial reaction was met with much [...]

Wonder Woman (2017): “I will fight, for those who can not fight for themselves.”

Directed by Patty Jenkins UK Release Date: 1st June 2017 Feature Running Time: 141 minutes Wonder Woman. DC's saving grace so far in their proposed DC Extended Universe. The first female dominant superhero film since Elektra in 2005. The first DCEU film to receive worldwide critical acclaim. Not to mention, Patty Jenkins solidifying herself as [...]

Alien: Covenant (2017): “When I say when, blow this fucker into space!”

Directed by Ridley Scott UK Release Date: 12th May 2017 Feature Running Time: 122 minutes Back in 2012 when Prometheus was about to come out, I was excited as much as the next Alien fan to see Ridley Scott return back to his original roots where he breathed new life into the Sci-Fi Horror genre. [...]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017): “Maybe this man could be your David Hasselhoff.”

Written and Directed by James Gunn UK Release Date: 28th April 2017 Feature Running Time: 136 minutes With the first Guardians of the Galaxy being the biggest risk pulled off by Marvel Studios and surprising everyone by becoming one of the greatest entries in the MCU so far, a lot had been riding on its [...]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi finally gets a poster and teaser trailer

This week saw the return of Star Wars Celebration, four days of celebration for all Star Wars fans across the globe that offers exhibits, screenings, exclusive merchandise, celebrity guests and so much more that celebrates everything we've ever loved about this movie phenomenon. This year it arrived in Orlando, USA with the promise bought that [...]

Initial thoughts on first poster and trailer released for Stephen King’s IT

Whether you're a Stephen King fan or not, you can't deny the power of his writing as a horror author has captured the hearts and imaginations of readers all over the world. Being one of the prolific horror writers ever known, it comes as no surprise at all really how he has always been in [...]