INTERSTELLAR Posters, Trailer and Photos

If you have been living under a rock for the past week or so, you would have probably missed all the marketing released for Christopher Nolan’s hotly anticipated ‘Interstellar’. Otherwise, you’d probably be as damn excited as me in more than words can express. And my god has Nolan been spoiling us, releasing FOUR new posters and a shit load of on set photos. ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ never got this amount of publicity two years ago running up to its release, but then again I still find that film to be a bit hit and miss so no harm done.

What with the new Empire Magazine hitting news stands tomorrow with Matthew McConaughey in full Astronaut suit gracing the front cover, Nolan has indeed got all of us loyal fans extremely begging to see it.

Below are all posters and photos that were released from over the last week as well as the latest trailer that I just cannot stop watching!

Interstellar is released in the UK on November 7th. (And if you couldn’t tell already, I can’t blooming wait)



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