#MTOS (Movie Talk On Sundays) – Violence in Movies (12th October)

Hello ladies and gents.

On Sunday 12th October, I shall be hosting for the very first time, the most epic Twitter movie discussion that is #MTOS. Its a great way to discuss and debate about anything film related and to meet other passionate film buffs on Twitter.

I’ll be asking ten questions, one every ten minutes from 8pm GMT time and anyone taking part in the discussion simply needs to answer each question with the #MTOS hashtag.

My chosen topic that I would like to talk about is ‘Violence in Movies’. It’s definitely a subject I’ve wanted to discuss about for a while. Violence is such a major subject matter that has dominated film one way or another in multiple genres that has spanned decades. Violence has affected us all in some way and has taken a permanent place in the heart of the society we live in.

Instead of rambling on too much, here are my ten questions for Sunday:

Q1. What’s your favourite violent film of all time? Or favourite film containing violence and why?

Q2. What is your view on film violence? Is it necessary for film-makers to show an excessive amount of blood and gore on screen?

Q3. Scorsese and Tarantino are notorious for using violence. What is it about their film-making styles that makes it so accessible?

Q4. Violence can take place anywhere. In prison, at home, on the streets. Where does violent behaviour prove most effective on film?

Q5. What type of genre does violence – either physical or verbal, fit better within?

Q6. Revenge movies always feature gratified violence. Does the term ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’ ring true with this?

Q7. Many ‘video nasties’ banned years ago are now getting the full, uncut release treatment. Is it harder to shock viewers nowadays?

Q8. Who is your favourite movie star known to display violence and punishment to teach the bad guys a lesson and always win?

Q9. What would be your most memorable violent film sequence that really got your heart racing and your lower jaw hitting the floor?

Q10. Finally, do you think there is a strong link between violence in reality and what we see in movies? What makes it so disturbing?

I am very much looking forward to seeing what answers you awesome people come up with on Sunday evening.



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