The Walking Dead Season 6 Comic Con Trailer (HD) Andrew Lincoln / Fear the Walking Dead Comic Con Trailer / Ash vs Evil Dead Comic Con Trailer

Imagine my pleasant surprise this morning, waking up at 7am and going straight on the internet to find that Comic Con has presented me with not one, not two but three trailers of horror goodness. Speaking as a massive horror fan, my eyes have been well and truly spoilt by a hell of a lot of zombie carnage…
First up we have the trailer for season 6 of The Walking Dead. After being pretty bored senseless from season 5, where I felt it only picked up in the second half leading up to another gob-smacking finale; I’m really thrilled to get the impression from the trailer below that this could be the most exciting and action packed season yet. Full of surprises and things still not looking good for poor old Rick Grimes, I’m literally counting down the days until this arrives on our small screens come September…

I’ve known about this Walking Dead spin off TV series for a while, I was always curious since the first day I got into The Walking Dead just how the zombie outbreak first started, and now it appears with the premise of this show, I’ll finally get my wish. The fact that this will also have huge repercussions on season 6 is intriguing. Colour me excited…

I’ve always wanted Sam Raimi to make an Evil Dead 4 for some time now. Mainly to help erase ‘Army of Darkness’ from my mind entirely. Then came a remake of the original ‘Evil Dead’ in 2013 that wasn’t directed by Raimi but never the less, became one of my favourite horror remakes to come out within the last ten years (even if it did rely less on the comedy side and much more on the use of gallons of blood and gore). I was really worried about this to say the least, but this trailer has reassured me that worrying is no longer needed. It seems they’ve nailed the perfect mix of comedy, scares and explicit gore perfectly. And it proves that Bruce Campbell can still kick Necronomicon demon arse in the most epic ways imaginable. GROOOOVY.


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