Theatrical films I’ve seen on the big screen in 2013.

‘Films I’ve seen on The Big Screen in January 2013’

‘The Impossible’ (Release Date: 1st January) – 

‘Les Miserables’ (Release Date: 11th January) – ★ 1/2

‘Gangster Squad’ (Release Date: 10th January) – 

‘Quartet’ (Release Date: 1st January) – 

‘Reservoir Dogs’ (15th January – Cineworld special one night only screening) – 

‘Django Unchained’ (Release Date: 18th January) – 

‘Monsters Inc in 3D’ (Re-release date: 18th January) – 

‘Wreck it Ralph in 3D’ (22nd January – Cineworld advance unlimited screening) – 

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ (Release Date: 25th January) – ★ 1/2

‘Lincoln’ (Release Date: 25th January) – ★ 1/2

‘Films I’ve seen on The Big Screen in February 2013’

‘Flight’ (Release Date: 1st February) – 

‘Hitchcock’ (4th February – Cineworld advance unlimited screening) – ★ 1/2

‘This is 40’ (Release Date: 14th February) – ★ 1/2

‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ (Release Date: 14th February) – 

‘Cloud Atlas’ (Release Date: 22nd February) – 

‘Warm Bodies’ (Release Date: 8th February) – ★ 1/2

‘Films I’ve seen on The Big Screen in March 2013’

‘Arbitrage’ (Release Date: 1st March) – 

‘Stoker’ (Release Date: 1st March) – 

‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ (Release Date: 8th March) – 

‘Robot and Frank’ (Release Date: 8th March) – 

‘Welcome To The Punch’ (Release Date: 15th March) – 

‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’ (Release Date: 15th March) – 

‘Side Effects’ (Release Date: 8th March) – 

‘In The House’ (18th March – Cineworld unlimited advance screening) – ★ 1/2

‘Maniac’ (Release Date: 15th March) – ★ 1/2

‘Trance’ (Release Date: 27th March) – 

‘The Host’ (Release Date: 29th March) – 

‘Jack The Giant Slayer’ (Release Date: 22nd March) – 

‘Films I’ve seen on The Big Screen in April 2013’

‘Dark Skies’ (Release Date: 3rd April) – 

‘Oblivion’ (Release Date: 12th April) – 

‘The Place Beyond The Pines’ (Release Date: 12th April) – ★ 1/2

‘Evil Dead’ (Release Date: 19th April – remake) – ★ 1/2

‘Olympus Has Fallen’ (Release Date: 19th April) – 

‘Iron Man 3 in 3D’ (Release Date: 25th April) – 

‘Bernie’ (Release Date: 26th April) – ★ 1/2

‘Films I’ve seen on The Big Screen in May 2013’

‘Star Trek Into Darkness in 3D’ (Release Date: 9th May) – 

‘Mud’ (Release Date: 10th May) – 

‘The Big Wedding’ (Release Date: 29th May) – ★ 1/2

‘Byzantium’ (Release Date: 31st May) – 

‘The Great Gatsby’ (Release Date: 16th May) – ★ 1/2

‘Films I’ve seen on The Big Screen in June 2013’

‘Behind the Candelabra’ (Release Date: 7th June) – 

‘The Iceman’ (Release Date: 7th June) – 

‘Man of Steel’ (Release Date: 14th June) – ★ 1/2

‘After Earth’ (Release Date: 7th June) – 

‘World War Z’ (Release Date: 21st June) – ★ 1/2

‘This is The End’ (Release Date: 28th June) – ★ 1/2

‘Despicable Me 2’ (Release Date: 28th June) – 

‘Hummingbird’ (Release Date: 28th June) – 

‘Films I’ve seen on The Big Screen in July 2013’

‘Now You See Me’ (Release Date: 3rd July) – ★ 1/2

‘The Bling Ring’ (Release Date: 5th July) – 

‘Monsters University’ (Release Date: 12th July) – ★ 1/2

‘Pacific Rim in 3D’ (Release Date: 12th July) – ★ 1/2

‘The World’s End’ (Release Date: 19th July) – 

‘The Wolverine’ (Release Date: 25th July) – 

‘The Heat’ (Release Date: 31st July) – 

‘Films I’ve seen on The Big Screen in August 2013’

‘The Conjuring’ (Release Date: 2nd August) – 
‘Red 2’ (Release Date: 2nd August) – 

‘Only God Forgives’ (Release Date: 2nd August) – 

‘Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa’ (Release Date: 7th August) – ★ 1/2

‘Kick Ass 2’ (Release Date: 14th August) – ★ 1/2

‘Elysium’ (Release Date: 21st August) – 

‘2 Guns’ (Release Date: 16th August) – 

‘Pain and Gain’ (Release Date: 30th August) – 

‘We’re The Millers’ (Release Date: 23rd August) – 

‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’ (Release Date: 7th August) – 

‘You’re Next’ (Release Date: 28th August) – ★ 1/2

‘The Way, Way Back’ (Release Date: 28th August) – 

‘Films I’ve seen on The Big Screen in September 2013’

‘Rush’ (3rd September – Cineworld unlimited advance screening) – 

‘About Time’ (Release Date: 4th September) – ★ 1/2

‘White House Down’ (Release Date: 13th September) – ★ 1/2

‘Insidious: Chapter 2’ (Release Date: 13th September) – 

‘RIPD’ (Release Date: 20th September) – 

‘Diana’ (Release Date: 20th September) – 

‘Prisoners’ (Release Date: 27th September) – ★ 1/2

‘The Wicker Man: The Final Cut’ (27th September – 40th anniversary special Cineworld showing) – 

‘Films I’ve seen on The Big Screen in October 2013’

‘How I live now’ (Release Date: 4th October) – 

‘Sunshine on Leith’ (Release Date: 4th October) – ★ 1/2

‘Machete Kills’ (Release Date: 11th October) – ★ 1/2

‘Captain Phillips’ (Release Date: 18th October) – 

‘Enough Said’ (Release Date: 18th October) – 

‘Escape Plan’ (Release Date: 18th October) – 

‘Ender’s Game’ (Release Date: 25th October) – ★ 1/2

‘Thor/Thor 2’ (29th/30th October – Cineworld special double bill) – ★/

‘Films I’ve seen on The Big Screen in November 2013’

 ‘Gravity in 3D’ (Release Date: 8th November) – ★ 1/2

‘Saving Mr Banks’ (11th November – Cineworld advance unlimited screening) – 

‘Don Jon’ (Release Date: 15th November) – 

‘The Councellor’ (Release Date: 15th November) – 

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ (Release Date: 21st November) – 

‘The Butler’ (Release Date: 8th November) – 

‘Carrie’ (Release Date: 29th November – remake) – 

‘The Family’ (Release Date: 22nd November) – 

‘Films I’ve seen on The Big Screen in December 2013’

 ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ (2nd December – Cineworld special advance unlimited screening) – ★ 1/2

‘Nebraska’ (Release Date: 6th December) – ★ 1/2

‘The Hobbit Part 2: The Desolation of Smaug’ (Release Date: 13th December)

‘Frozen’ (Release Date: 6th December) – 

‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’ (Release Date: 18th December) – ★ 1/2

’47 Ronin’ (Release Date: 26th December) – ★ 1/2


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