The Movie Nerd’s Most Anticipated Top 10 Films of 2017 (Part 1)

As I looked back on what the last 12 months had bought us, its now time to look ahead to see what the next further 12 months will be in store for us at the movies. Its looking jam packed full of so many anticipated movies, including some of the most hotly awaited sequels. 2017 is sure shaping up to smash 2016’s teeth in, so trap yourself in and enjoy the ride as I take you through from number 10 – 6 in my top ten movies that I’m really excited seeing the most this year.




When director Danny Boyle had come out and announced quite some time ago that he will be directing a sequel to his smash hit Trainspotting (I think he spoke about wanting to make a sequel as early as 2007), I was very sceptical about it. Not every film Boyle has made recently has always done too well (remember Trance?) and I felt making this 20 years after the original was 20 years far too late and suspected that Boyle may have been feeling a bit too overly ambitious, after some of the successes he did achieve within the last 10 years or so (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours).

When the trailer was released late last year, I think most of us was sold on it alone that this could actually work, there’s clearly a lot of love for these characters and it will be interesting to see where they all are in their lives after the events of the first film. Its based on the strength of its trailer why this has earned a place at number 10 on this list.

T2 Trainspotting is released in UK cinemas on January 27th.




It may only be coming out later this week, but this was the one main motion picture that I had my hopes set ridiculously high on seeing at last year’s BFI London Film Festival. So try to imagine how low my heart had sunk when all tickets for the preview screenings sold out faster than Gene Kelly tap dancing in the rain around lamp posts. I may have watched 6 or 7 other films to make up for not seeing it but it still didn’t make me feel any better about missing out. With both director Damien Chazelle and his leading actor Ryan Gosling both in attendance for its premiere night to introduce the film, it must have been one such evening for film and musical fans alike to always remember.

If there’s one lesson to be learned from life at the movies, its that you should never have such sky high expectations for a film as the experience never turns out to be as special as you want it to be. But with Gosling and Stone already proving they share great chemistry as an on-screen couple, previously evident in Crazy, Stupid, Love, and under the direction of Chazelle who unleashed upon us the incredible masterpiece that is Whiplash (to which you can check out my first initial thoughts of it here), there’s no denying that this love letter devoting itself to all the classic musicals of golden age Hollywood will surely live up to everything I dreamt of and more.

LA LA LAND is released in UK cinemas on January 12th.




The first teaser trailer for Luc Besson’s latest extravaganza came out of nowhere towards the end of last year and took us all by surprise. I don’t say the word ‘surprise’ in any kind of lighter sense either. Besson hasn’t been on, shall we say, the most excellent film directing streak as of late what with being behind the camera of such glossy Hollywood fodder within the last 3 or 4 years. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to escape the looming shadow of Leon The Professional back in 1994; widely renowned as his most hailed masterpiece to date.

Here, in his latest offering, we are treated to our first look at something that’s in a similar vein as The Fifth Element (for all I know it could very well share the same universe) but only this time, this movie looks to be on a much bigger budget with the most eye popping visuals and stunts I’ve graced my eyes upon for quite some time. Not to mention many planets being explored and much alien arse kicking being the main forefront, this is one of a few Sci-Fi films that has my interests really perked up all the way to the top in 2017. Maybe another one like Marvel’s Doctor Strange to really sit back and watch in awe at in 3D too.

Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets is released in UK cinemas on August 4th.




It may have taken a long time coming, maybe even longer that what felt necessary but Marvel Studios finally had decided to stand their ground by taking back what is really their baby from Columbia Pictures and Sony in the form of our beloved  web slinging hero. I wasn’t too much of a fan of Tobey Maguire’s take on the wall crawler. Sure, he may have perfected the awkwardness of Peter Parker but he just didn’t deliver enough for me whenever he got into that suit. Andrew Garfield, on the other hand, was a considerably better match but unfortunately The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wrecked any kind of future outings he could have had as Spidey.

Now its Tom Holland’s turn – the youngest actor to get strapped into the skintight red and blue suit thus far. Since impressing me with his debut starring role in J.A. Bayona’s The Impossible, he’s been pretty much on the lowdown, I think he’s a young actor who’s very picky when it comes to the roles he plays. Good for him. After showcasing what he’s capable of as Spider-man in Captain America: Civil War, he seemed to have confidently locked down everything about why we love this character in the first place, namely his humour and clever wit. However, I’m not excited as much as I know I should be for Spider-Man: Homecoming, having Tony Stark/Iron Man feature quite heavily in it may have something to do with it though. I am, on the other hand, very much looking forward to Michael Keaton as the main villain Vulture in this new outing; a solid actor who’s rejuvenated his own career since delivering a return to form performance in Alejandro G. Inarritu’s  Birdman.

When the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming was released all over the ‘net, it wasnt the only new trailer we were treated to on the same day. We got our first epic look at another film in a popular running franchise and it was a film that I realised I was a lot more excited for than the new Spider-Man. I think I need to check my pulse.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is released in UK cinemas on July 7th.




War for The Planet of The Apes is indeed the film in question that I’m more psyched up all the way for than Spider-Man: Homecoming. This will now be the third film in its rebooted franchise, again directed by Matt Reeves who was also tasked in making Dawn a more multi-layered and epic instalment than Rise. With this being set immediately after the events of Dawn and now knowing there ain’t no hope for humans and apes to get along and work out each other’s differences, I really do hope to see all out war and Hell break loose in this one, just as it suggests in its main title. Its about time we did. The inevitable has to happen now where apes finally begin to rule the Earth.

The main human villains in these kind of films have been a let down so far so I’m secretly hoping that there will be an interesting and engaging element to Woody Harrelson’s villain this time around. But I wouldn’t count on it. Still, I hope to see a lot more apes riding on horseback, firing massive machine guns because I’m all in for that.

War For The Planet of The Apes in UK cinemas on July 14th.


Check back soon on The Movie Nerd Strikes Back for part 2 of my top 10 most anticipated films of 2017; arriving shortly.


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